The City of Baltimore was distinguished for its energy saving campaign in local government buildings and courthouses. Posters were displayed prominently in lobbies and near elevators, and e-mail campaigns were shared with all employees.

Bright ideas help lower Baltimore’s energy bills, Baltimore Sun :

Enter Tighty Lighty, a cartoon light bulb and energy-saving superhero that was rolled out in 2002 to encourage Baltimore City employees to be more energy-efficient. This superhero isn’t signaled by a spotlight in the sky (that wouldn’t be energy-efficient). Instead, he arrives in city employees’ e-mail inboxes, bouncing around and winking as he tightens his belt and reminds them to “turn it off” – part of a energy conservation project that public works officials say will save millions over the next several years.

The savings since 2001 – when energy conservation became a priority – is about $1 million, with much more expected annually as a result of money-saving technology upgrades.

Careful control of energy use is saving money, Baltimore Sun

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